Tokyo Gay Bar


              Today is a sunny day and it is my day-off. I finished my laundry. This is a blog written by an owner of gay bar called “Ashura Bar” located in Tokyo. I am writing this blog because we are ready to invite some new customers who are visiting Japan or living in Japan. Let me introduce a little bit about myself. My name is Kenichi. I used to live in NYC as a student. I lived in upper west side of Manhattan. While I was studying in NY, I had a lot of international friends, and I miss that time. Now that I own gay bars(I own three bars), I would like to invite more international customers and hope that my bar will be known for internationally clouded bar. My bar has Karaoke and I am hoping that when you come to our bar, we could sing Carpenters together. I also like Madonna and Cold play but right now I am founding Carpenters greatness as I am getting older. We are located in Shinjuku, Ueno, and Shimbashi.

I hope I am going to see you soon.




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