Welcome to a cult bar in Tokyo.
Ashura Bar is a karaoke bar in Shinjuku Tokyo.
It is a typical Japanese  bar with Karaoke.


■ Where is the location ?

Ashura Bar is located in Shinjuku and Ueno
Ashura Bar Shinjuku is located on Shinjuku 2-15-13 nakae bldg 3  4th floor
Ashura Bar ueno is located  on Ueno 7-10-5 chateau bldg 2nd floor



■ International bar

Ashura Bar is an International bar
staff can speak English (some can not but try)
Karaoke is free and drink is from 900yen(no charge)

Most  costemers are very friendly, if you would like to make friends in Tokyo,
Ashura Bar is where you got to go to.

Ashura Bar is a karaoke bar located in Shinjuku and it is also located in Ueno too
Please come to both places


ashura 056

■ Is there any English Speakers ?

Yes, I can speak English. I used to live in New York for 10years.
I used to be a potato queen, now as I am getting older I can go anything (LOL)

■ What is the typical Japanese  bar like?

Typical Japanese bar is usually small. However it is intimated and easy to make new friends.
You can sing Karaoke free, and you get Otooshi(small dish) and a deep conversation with bartenders.

■ Is it expensive?

Yes, Japanese bar is a bit expensive.It costs 1700yen for bottle set price.You order bottle first, it costs around 4000yen.Next time you come, you drink with your own bottle with 1700yen.When you finish drinking the bottle , you order new bottle.We also serve shot drink.  1 shot drink is 900yen.

■ Tokyo  life

Please come to our bar, we hope your tokyo gay life be a lot of fun.If you feel stressed from your work, or life in Tokyo feel free to drink and talk out with us.

■ Free Karaoke

You can sing Karaoke Free at AshuraBar. You can sing both English songs and Japanese songs.
I love Madonna. When you come to AshuraBar please sing Madonna with me.
Even if you are not good at singing, you can practice at AshuraBar.

■ weekend

AshuraBar is open 24hrs on the weekend. Please come here for a drink from the morning instead of drinking coffee.
If you do not know which  bar to go to, just come to AshuraBar.